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Readers can e-mail me at notnurseratched AT gmail DOT com or use this form. I actually don't like e-mail that much, but I do like reader commentary (unless trollish) and questions, so please feel free to keep those coming. Or, you know, comment on a post or two. That's cool. Akismet isn't doing such a hot job catching spam appropriately, so if you post a comment that doesn't show up, it's because I haven't seen it. E-mail me or give up in good faith that I haven't randomly singled you out.

If you want me to post about something, please don't send me a form e-mail. If I'm going to take the time to read your stuff, think about it, and write about it, you can take the time to write something that isn't canned. Requests for reviews of products, sites, and so on are welcome, with the understanding that I will not promise the outcome of my review, but I will promise a fair and thorough one.